Vinyl windows have several advantages over wood frame and metal frame windows: they are frequently more energy efficient, resist condensation, are immune to aluminum oxidation, and require no painting or maintenance, to name a few. However, the design of vinyl windows can have a significant impact on their efficiency and lifespan. If your home needs replacement windows, it is important to choose a door-and-window company whose products justify making the investment. For thousands of homeowners in the California area and beyond, Elite Vinyl Windows Inc. is the preferred company for vinyl windows.

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All our grids come in the following colors.
  • Glass type Common application
    LoE-366 What is LoE-366? All kinds of use
    Clear All kinds of use
    Gray tinted All kinds of use
    Bronze tinted All kinds of use
    Obscure Bathroom and kitchen area
    Delta Frost Bathroom and kitchen area
    Flemish Bathroom and kitchen area
    Flute Bathroom and kitchen area
    Glue Chip Bathroom and kitchen area
    Rain Bathroom and kitchen area
    Bamboo Bathroom and kitchen area
  • Grid type
    5/8" flat
    5/8" sculpture
    3/4" flat
    1" sculpture
  • The first thing that people notice about our windows is how many styles they can choose from. With a lineup of products that include single- and double-hung windows, horizontal sliding windows, casement windows, arch windows, bay windows, colonial style windows, gothic style windows, and an endless number of custom styles, Elite Vinyl Windows Inc. offers design options that are practically limitless. Whether your home requires conventional windows or ones that are designed to accommodate unique spaces or create a distinctive aesthetic, Elite Vinyl Windows Inc. will deliver the right products.