Vinyl shutters hinge on either side of a window opening, and swing inwards to allow access to the window or to allow light to enter your room. Even if you are not on a budget, vinyl shutters offer an easy-to-care-for alternative. They’re durable, and for those with young children, they offer an option that is easily cleaned. They also handle tough environments well, such as high humidity areas. For those who are on a budget, vinyl interior shutters are often priced at a fraction of what wooden shutters would cost. Click any item below to see the details.

All our grids come in the following colors.
  • Vinyl shutters block any unwanted light from entering the room. They can also serve as a filter where you can control the amount of light you let into the room.

    Vinyl shutters are light weight and easy to operate. Opening and closing the blinds are simply done by pushing and pulling the handle.

    Vinyl shutters are installed using hinges. When closed, the shutters are held in place by small fasteners. These secure the shutters from swinging open involuntarily.