Elite Vinyl Windows Inc. uses the most innovative current technology to build our vinyl patio doors and other door varieties. We believe in the importance of creating products that add to the aesthetic value, function and security of the home. All of our vinyl patio doors are built to improve temperature control, increase insulation and last for many years due to their high-quality construction. Homeowners shouldn’t have to settle for cheaply built doors that will break within a few seasons, which is why we strive to offer the very best products on the market today. Click any item below to see the details.

All our grids come in the following colors.
  • Glass type Common application
    LoE-366 What is LoE-366? All kinds of use
    Clear All kinds of use
    Gray tinted All kinds of use
    Bronze tinted All kinds of use
    Obscure Bathroom and kitchen area
    Delta Frost Bathroom and kitchen area
    Flemish Bathroom and kitchen area
    Flute Bathroom and kitchen area
    Glue Chip Bathroom and kitchen area
    Rain Bathroom and kitchen area
    Bamboo Bathroom and kitchen area
  • Grid type
    5/8" flat
    5/8" sculpture
    3/4" flat
    1" sculpture
  • Our collection includes much variety, from the most basic vinyl patio doors to swinging French doors. All of our doors use the latest energy-efficient technology to provide the most insulation possible against the elements. Our LoE³-366 glass uses three thick layers of glass and an additional triple layer of silver to help stop heat loss and increase solar gain no matter what the weather. The Duralite spacers that come with each door are designed to retain insulating gases, which also increases efficiency. Additionally, all of our glass doors are pleasing to the eye and will create a lovely look and feel in any room, bringing in extra light and providing a view of the outdoors.

  • You want to be able to provide many different options to your customers, which is why Elite Vinyl Windows Inc. offers customization. We can size the desired door to perfectly fit the room it will be placed in, eliminating any worries. We can also change the location of the handle on the door, the direction the door slides in, and the design in which the window panes are installed. Whatever variety of vinyl patio doors your customers need, we can provide them.